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Everyday StarGate in your hand - Everytime, Everywhere.

StarGate for iPhoneiStarGate ver.1.3.2 available now!

StarGate graphic everyday on your iPhone. This simple iPhone app displays not only a StarGate graphic of the day but also the previous or the next day's StarGate by flicking the screen.


  • Excellent graphics of StarGate
  • StarGate graphic changes everyday
  • Title text available in English, German and original Japanese
  • 'Warp' feature to jump to your favorite date freely.
  • 'Data' Sheet feature to get more information of the gate.
  • 'Setting' feature to customize your display.

* ATTENTION: The 'StarGate' in this app means the diagram graphic created by the certain caclulation formula of drawing an orbit of the date within a circle. More details about the StarGate are described in the book of "Suuji no Method" written by Mariko Tsuji, which is published by Infinty88,co.Ltd in Japan. There is no relationship with 'STARGATE' drama series broadcasted by AXN.


Enjoy your Everyday life with StarGate for iPhone!

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How to Use

Extremely Easy to Use


When you start iStarGate for iPhone app, you will see the StarGate graphic of the day at first.


  • To see yesterday's StarGate graphic, flick from LEFT to RIGHT.
  • To see tomorrow's StarGate graphic, flick from RIGHT to LEFT.


I see the graphic of StarGate just like a circle. Is this a bug?


  • No, it is not a bug. The StarGate graphics especially of January or February are seen like circles because of very subtle drawing. The graphic of the day transforms day by day, so please enjoy not only the graphics but also the number or the title of the day.

Screencast (Old version 1.0)

Spec & Price

  • Target: iPhone/iPod touch/iPad - iOS 3.0 or later
  • Languages: English / German / Japanese (original text)
  • Price: US$2.99

Version History

  • Dec 23, 2009: Version 1.0 released.
  • Mar 21, 2010: Version 1.1 updated.
  • July 23, 2010: Version 1.2 updated.
  • Dec 15, 2010: Version 1.3 updated.
  • Dec 21, 2010: Version 1.3.1 updated.
  • Jan 11, 2011: Version 1.3.2 updated.


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